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Must Visit 8 Best Restaurants in Karachi When You’re Here

When it comes to Karachi, one cannot deny the beach beauty and tasty food places. Karachi is developing as one of the largest cities to serve the best and delicious food with the growing pace of restaurant’s scene.  There are some excellent eateries in Karachi – from dhabas to fine dining, combine everything from world’s cuisines to local desi food that suits every taste. These are best 8 restaurants in Karachi – all places that combine a lovely ambience with consistently great food and priced moderately.

Charcoal Restaurant

Under the blue sparkling sky, right on the brink of the Arabian Sea, you and your family are having the most delightful dinner of K-town, is a dream for most people. Charcoal Restaurant Karachi gives you the perfect heaven to make this dream come true. With its delectable food and passionate ambience to its extremely decent staff, every dish over here is worth trying out but in case you are here for the first time then must go for Peshawari Chicken Karhai or Mutton Makhni Handi. You will love it!

Kababjees Restaurant

You may find Kababjees as one of the new players but it’s enough to be stand out stronger one. Either has a plan with workmates or just picking randomly while roaming on Bahadurabad or Hyderi after shopping, Kababjees will serve you the best you can have to fill the hunger twinges.  The restaurant has to offer some great desi cuisines along with scrumptious sweet treats for dessert lovers. Their branches in the city have sprouted widely in no time spread widely and they are always nearly full, hence it’s suggested to book, particularly on weekends.

Salt n Pepper Village Restaurant

Magically every stress disappears when you are comfortably sitting and watching the sun go. Village Restaurant Karachi is located at the seafront area and gives you some soothing and strong village life vibes when you visit the place. The lovely decoration with an extensive buffet of spicy Pakistani delicacies along with other vegan and non-vegan dishes, desi and authentic desserts, seasonal fruits and desi drinks would leave you delightful.

Sheikh Abdul Ghaffar Kebab House

Did anybody say Kabab? Karachi’s eatery scene is conquered by all sorts of kebabs so it’s no surprise that there are kebab restaurants more or less every commercial street of the city. The great news is that your favourite local dish has more homes to welcome you and offer you the best BBQ food in the city. 

It is impossible to go to Ghaffar on nights and not find it crowded to the top; like Javed Nihari it is a struggle to find a table and even some space in take away queues. Try the food over here and you will have the answer. The famous dishes on the board are Chicken Malai Boti, Chicken Behari and Dhaga Kabab. Have it with paratha, naan or simply as it is but you have to appreciate the simplicity with no airs and charms, but great food.

Kolachi Restaurant

For some people, Do Darya dining is still all about Kolachi. Kolachi is one of the best restaurants that are impressively famous in terms of ambience, taste and everything. Maybe, this is a prime location right by the sea that sets it away from all dining competition, along with its mouth-watering food, has something to do with its achievement.

The attractive wooden open-air venue with a warm yellow lighting, coastal breeze and a stunning view of the dancing seagull in the sea makes it a perfect place for special events and for just some peaceful time with good food.

Their Makhni Handi and Seafood is among the locals favorite along with their Kebabs. Dishes such as the spicy chargrilled Hunzai Kabab, or their special Kolachi Karahi, combine with a range of grilled fish dishes to make this a splendid dining experience. The seaside location is a major part of the restaurant’s charm of course, and it truly comes alive at night as the spectacular lights of the Karachi shore are turned on.

Lal Qila Restaurant

A blend of the cultural and the gastronomy, Lal Qila Restaurant Karachi focuses in reviving the food of the Mughal Era, offering foodies a ‘mock Mughal’ eating experience which arouses the splendid luxury of a Mughal Emperor’s table. The themed restaurant experience provides outdoor dining in castle-like surroundings which bring out ‘the legendary grandeur of a splendid and noble past’. The cuisine, for now, is a mixture of Mughlai, Tandoori, Barbecue and Traditional Pakistani, all of which can be enjoyed from Lal Qila’s broad buffet service. The restaurant regularly introduces new dishes and holds special events and performances that see the Mughal style courtyard transformed into a Mughal musical venue.

BBQ Tonight

BBQ Tonight is just one of the names you will consider when making sudden plans or date night with your spouse when it comes to desi food with sea nearby. The restaurant has been here for ages and has maintained its status and standard for all these years. It’s still the go-to place for Sunday dinners, should one desire desi cuisine.


This one is very new but it has grown a huge following because of a wide variety of delicious Pakistani food. Their bright and multi-coloured truck art interior is also a plus point as it gives a true Pakistani artistic to the place making it seem cheery and sparkling while keeping the high-class restaurant appeal as well. Karachiites love this one and so will you.

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Must Visit 8 Best Restaurants in Karachi When You’re Here

When it comes to Karachi, one cannot deny the beach beauty and tasty food places. Karachi is developing as one of the largest cities to serve the best and delicious food with the growing pace of resta...