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10 Ways to Cut Your Calories To Lose Weight

Calorie game is no myth. There’s an actual science associated with cutting calories and losing weight. Calories, the tiny elements of energy you eat, are arguably the most debated part of healthy eating and weight loss. The common rule is that if you take in more calories than the need of your body, you will gain weight, if you take in a smaller number of calories than the need, you will lose weight, and if those quantities are nearly the same, you will retain your existing weight.

So, cut your excessive weight by these simple tips and you will lose your weight in no time.

Count Your Calories

The easiest and simple way to avoid eating too many calories is to count them before eating. Focus closely on your meal and keep a record of what you are eating. Up-to-date mobile apps have made it faster and easier than ever before to track what you eat.

Drink Water before Your Meal

Drinking water before a meal could help you feel more satisfied, causing you to eat fewer calories, and help you lose weight. Studies reveal that drinking just 2 glasses (500 ml) of water before every meal can drop calorie intake by around 13%.

Also, drinking lots of water in a day helps you keep hydrated all the time and eliminate toxic elements from the body.

Eat Your Meals Slowly

Chewing slowly may help you feel stuffed with food more hurriedly that could signal you to stop eating without delay. This can help you eat less.

There’s an old custom practised widely that you should eat your food 32 times before swallowing.  

 Use Smaller Plates

Interestingly, larger plates have been linked with larger serving sizes, which mean people are more likely to overeat. Indeed, one study found that, at a buffet, people with bigger dinner platters ate 45% more food than those who used the smaller plate size.

Choosing a smaller plate is a simple pattern that could keep your portion sizes on the right track and control overindulging.

Be Focussed On Your Portion Size

Challenged with great amounts of food, people are more set to eat too much. This usually happens when you are invited to "all-you-can-eat" buffets, where it is easy to eat far more than you planned.

To avoid overeating, you can try assessing and calculating your portions — or use smaller plates, as suggested above.


A Big ‘NO’ to Junk Food

To stop you reaching for unhealthy snacks, keep them out and avoid entering the area where junk and frozen meal are placed in the place because craving game becomes strong when you plan to eat healthily.

If you keep junk food indoors, it's much easier to consume. It can be particularly difficult if you're the kind of person who eats when tensed or bored.

Embellish Meals with Vegetables

Some people are allergic to vegetables and prefer meat instead. The best way to eat more vegetables is to fill a larger part of your plate with vegetables. This could help you many ways including cutting back on more calorie food.  

Eat Without Distractions

The situation plays a massive role in how much people eat daily. Studies show that if you're diverted while you eat, you are much closer to overeat, even at later meals.

Avoid unhealthy distractions including watching TV, reading a book, using your cell phone or using your laptop, while you are eating.

Parcel Up Half Meal When Eating Out

Restaurants often serve huge servings that enclose far more calories than you need in one meal. To avoid eating too much, ask your server to parcel up half of your meal before they serve it, so you can take it home.

Otherwise, you could share with a friend and build up your bond.

Get Sufficient Sleep

A lack of sleep has been linked to obesity. In fact, people who don’t sleep well are likely to size up more than those who are habitually well-rested. One cause is that people who have poor sleep are ready for food at late hours and eat more calories.

So, if you are trying to cut calories and drop weight, make sure you regularly get a good night's sleep.

The Bottom Line

Losing weight can be a dare — in some measure because it's so easy to consume more calories than you need to fuel your body.

Follow the simple tips to push the needles back on your scales and make real headway en route for your weight goals.


Nazish Islam - a media graduate with an undying love for chai, books, traveling, series shows, sports, hijab, and of course writing.

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10 Ways to Cut Your Calories To Lose Weight

Calorie game is no myth. There’s an actual science associated with cutting calories and losing weight. Calories, the tiny elements of energy you eat, are arguably the most debated part of h...