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Experience the Supernatural Journey of Dil Nawaz

Doesn’t it feel exceptional when we see an ethereal creature falling madly in love with a human rival in a Pakistani Drama? I’m talking none other than ‘Dil Nawaz’ – a 25-episodes supernatural TV drama serial that has a romantic threesome between two humans and a spiritual entity, the purity of souls and the poignancy yet rarity of altruistic unconditional love; all covered in mystery and suspense amidst family conflicts.

Typically, the encounter of human intellect and supernatural powers creates a spooky impact that haunts the viewers but unlike the frantic Indian horror serials, the makers of Dil Nawaz kept it sane by considering religious facts and truths about supernatural things. The theme, plot and cast performances of the drama are quite interesting that has the ability to hook up the viewers until the end.

The central cast of the serial includes heartthrob Neelam Muneer in the lead role as an unearthly being Dil Nawaz; talented actor Wahaj Ali as Dr. Fawad, her human beloved and newcomer actress Minal Khan as Dr. Fawad’s s real-life sweetheart, Kiran. The cast is also rounded off by Waseem Abbas, Zainab Qayoom, Aijaz Aslam, Nida Mumtaz, Shazia Shah and Najaf Bilgrami.

Produced by veteran actor Aijaz Aslam, who also has a cameo role in the beginning, Dil Nawaz’s idea was given by Zanjabeel Asim and it’s written by Syed Nabeel. While the drama is directed by Najaf Bilgrami who was the co-director of cinematography in feature movie Dukhtar along with Armughan Hassan.

The story of the drama revolves around two neighbors Fawad and Kiran who wanted to marry each other but Fawad’s mother (Nida Mumtaz) acts as a typical desi mother and tries to malign the character of Kiran.  But Fawad stands for their rights and goes against the criticism of his mother by leaving his house. In all this havoc, he meets Dil Nawaz (Neelam Muneer) and gradually gets stuck in her personality. Dil Nawaz is a slave jinni of Hazrat Bibi (ZQ) and she is well-known for handling the supernatural things in order to solve the issues.

Aijaz Aslam, the producer on the release of the drama said:

“The treatment of Dil Nawaz is surely different. We invested in quite expensive special effects technology to render scenes such as a person levitating and a spirit disintegrating into fiery ashes all of which involved a lot of detailed work but was definitely worth it and something audiences can look forward to”

The director of Dil Nawaz Najaf Bilgrami added:

“Although the TV serial delves into the elemental and supernatural there is a very human aspect to the story about how humans are always mired in having to compromise in relationships which are never unconditional. The elemental spirit displays a selfless love and is attracted to a human’s pure soul which is poignant and which will undoubtedly resonate with audiences.”

Beyond all the productions that we see today, horror stories with ghostlike creatures are an exception in our drama industry. But, it is good to see that our directors are finally working on ventures that emphasis on a completely different niche.

Dil Nawaz telecasts every Monday at 08:00 PM on A-Plus and 12 out of 25 episodes have been shown.


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Experience the Supernatural Journey of Dil Nawaz

Doesn’t it feel exceptional when we see an ethereal creature falling madly in love with a human rival in a Pakistani Drama? I’m talking none other than ‘Dil Nawaz’ – a 25...