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A Fitting Farewell Gift for Legends Mis|You

That’s how should be the perfect end to the promising careers. From push-ups to slides and from knees to shoulders, Pakistan team always is a wonder for the world. Pakistan has pulled off the test series in the last ball of second last over of the final match. And with uncountable records under his badge, Misbah becomes the first Pakistani captain to win a Test series in the West Indies. One of the best farewells in the history of cricket for two legends Misbah Ul Haq and Younus Khan had witnessed by the cricketing world.

Misbah seals the debate of greatest Pakistani captains by completing the unmatched achievement and finishing his career, finally, with an unforgettable finish. If there were any doubts earlier, Misbah ul Haq has just carved his name into the list of the greatest captains by becoming the only one to defeat West Indies in West Indies.

“There's nothing better than that. Whatever success I had through my career, I couldn't have asked for a better finish”, Misbah Ul Haq during winning speech, “Lot of people here in West Indies too have come up to wish me the best. I'm happy with what I've had in my career. Really happy for this team. The way they gave me and Younus a send-off, I wish him all the best. It was a fine journey with him in the middle, sharing a lot of partnerships. In the history books, both our names will be there”,

Misbah goes down the retirement lane with the only Pakistani captain to win a test series in WI, only Asian captain to win an ODI series in SA, only captain to win an ODI series in India since 2012, most wins as Pakistani test captain, most test series wins by an Asian captain (11 Series wins),10th on the list of the most successful test captains in the world.

So history has been created as the captain said: “A victory like this always counts rather than the straight ones”. Pakistan has learned how to give farewell to legends in style. It's the first time in the history of Pakistan cricket that the players of Pakistan getting farewell with such an honor, dignity and high note. The Era of Misbah and Younus has finally come to an end. The cricket world will surely miss these two Legends. Two of the Greatest of Cricketers of all time. They were the 'Gentlemen' in "Cricket is a Gentleman's Game".

It was also a day when we sent-off two greats. Two maestros, who were there for the team, when no one else was. On one hand, we have a person who in spite of never being piloted as a master of limited overs cricket, brought the T20 World Cup to a nation deprived of home cricket, while we have a silent guardian, on the other hand, who despite operating with his much-criticized approach, grabbed the test mace and lightened the dark hearts of his millions of critics. Those two masters quelled the moments of tribulation and bestowed us with many moments of merriment.

Younus as a skipper galloped records, and a test batsman can only wish to have. And Misbah, as a skipper, have some mind boggling statistics and records.  They are proud to admit that they were not talented cricketers but hard work with limited talent. And they have proved why hard work will always win over talent. Their class was different, their way of functioning was non-identical, their approach was unlike, but when it comes to rescuing the team, both of the batting leaders shared a common border. They might not carry a flamboyant style and the looks of a Paladin, but they had the armor of a knight to guide the unit through the darkest phases, and they did it again and again. The day was breath-taking when they said a final goodbye to the cricket and walked off the cricketing field for one last time as Champions. The nation is thankful to them who gave a lot of moment of happiness to their fans and countrymen. They might not be the heroes we wanted, but they were the heroes we needed. Thank you MisYou for all the glories you guys worked for. Thank you MisYou for all the charm you brought back! Thank you MisYou for the laurels you accorded us with! Thank you MisYou for nurturing the young guns and that can’t be measured in stats or scale. And as they leave, the ground of Dominica came up with a stunning Rainbow as, if the God also wanted the MisYou era to end like a fairy-tale!



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A Fitting Farewell Gift for Legends Mis|You

That’s how should be the perfect end to the promising careers. From push-ups to slides and from knees to shoulders, Pakistan team always is a wonder for the world. Pakistan has pulled off the te...