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Is there an end to this madness?

We are at that stage when saying ‘you’re a traitor’ and ‘you’re a blasphemer’ slogans having a close race right now. Whoever wins, it’s we as a nation who on the verge to lose. Can someone give me a clue where we are heading? It means that anyone who disagrees with us is either a traitor or a disbeliever. Using religion for the satisfaction of some people’s ego is the biggest form of delusion there can be.

Firstly, there is no sign of blasphemy found in the Mashal’s internet or his phone. CM Pervez Khattak cleared the allegations of blasphemy and the controversial posts that have gone viral on Social media are from some fake account that was once mentioned by Mashal Khan, too. Secondly, it doesn’t matter is he was guilty or not, it shouldn't mean death. Cold blooded pre-emptive murder is what it was. This is to end this mob culture. Thirdly, even if he was involved in such activities, there is no justification of this brutality.

A cleric who was supposed to lead the janaza of Mashal refused to do so because of the reaction of the people or somewhat. Political parties are afraid to utter a condemnation because of their people including ruling Party PML (n) who hasn’t condemned the murder. In religious faction, only Mufti Naeem comes forward with a clear stance on Mashal's murder.

The thing that was as aching as commendable was the Mashal Father’s patience. Police asked Mashal's father that you can tell us your reservations regarding the killing of Mashal. To which Mashal's father replied that I was not there and don't want to blame anyone but the cameras were there and everything is in the open. It is not that only my son was killed but these people have challenged the writ of the government. So when the government will be asking about its writ they will be asking about my son too.

Mashal's father, a progressive poet further said that his son was a journalist student and he would question the system and its injustices. We are peaceful people and believe in peace. We want to spread love and peace in this country. We are against Wars and fights.

Mashal's father said on religion my son would quote Muhammad (PBUH) in his talks and would refer to Umar (RA) justice regarding the system. He said that no one in the neighborhood can point finger at my son. I have raised him inside my home and sent him to Russia for education. His mother asked her son the other day to come to the village, to which he replied that I will come on Friday. 'Here he is', says his father.

 In another interview in Pashto, Mashal's father replied to a question from a journalist on justice for his son that "if Human rights organizations, Civil Society organizations, Lawyers organizations, Poets, and literati raised their voices for justice then no matter if he himself did not get justice but a thinking and awareness will emerge which will result in the progress of the society. This is because you can't put chains to the rays of the sun.

So yesterday, there were Mugheez and Muneeb in Sialkot and now here is Mashal Khan.  Is there an end to this madness?  But the point is there shall be many Mashal Khan's in the days to come if you are scared to speak up now.

Nazish Islam - a media graduate with an undying love for chai, books, traveling, series shows, sports, hijab, and of course writing.

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Is there an end to this madness?

We are at that stage when saying ‘you’re a traitor’ and ‘you’re a blasphemer’ slogans having a close race right now. Whoever wins, it’s we as a nation who on ...