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Thyroid: You could be next

Are you trying to lose weight for months but got no success and hard to find a solution too. Check yourself up with thyroid symptoms.

You probably have heard a lot about Thyroid in medical discussions, doctor’s clinic or maybe in family gatherings since a number of people are having it. But still, you need to know what is thyroid exactly? We usually hear about it but we don’t have an idea where thyroid lies in the body? What its functions and symptoms are? So, let’s have a look.

The thyroid is the butterfly-shaped gland at the base of the neck below Adam’s apple which controls your heart rate, blood pressure, body temperature, metabolic rate and protein synthesis – in simple words your ability to lose and gain weight.

It means your ability to lose and gain weight can be constrained by thyroid besides other troubling problems. However, the tricky thing about thyroid diseases is that they don’t always expose themselves in the most apparent ways. This feature can make thyroid very problematic to recognize and treat.

But, fortunately, there are a few indications to look out for that are a much convenient and easy playing a guessing game with your thyroid! If you notice these symptoms, immediately consult your doctor, you could be dealing with major problems of thyroid without even realizing it.


If you’re not feeling wide-awake after a good night’s sleep, your thyroid may be underactive. An adult requires 7-8 hours of sleep if you sleep in these suggested hours and still feel restless and fatigue in morning then you might have a risk of having a little thyroid.


An underactive thyroid in your body can slow down the body process, too. Your mood can be one of the processes. So, if you’re feeling depressed for no apparent reason, then your thyroid is tricking your brain.


Thyroid affects your appetite. This can go both ways; thyroid disorder can cause an increased appetite (this is called hyperthyroidism, meaning you may have too much thyroid hormone) and a decreased appetite, which is typically an underactive thyroid.

Hormone imbalances

Though it’s all about Hormones but thyroid hormones can disturb your general hormones, too. Periods’ irregularity, infertility, and intense premenstrual syndrome are few instances.

Muscle pain

Hyperthyroidism basically damages your nerves; this can result in a loss of feeling and tingling sensation in the extremities, as well as pain in those same place.

Poor Circulation

Noticing that your hands and feet are unusually cold or even blue? This could mean your circulation is poor. Now, a lot of things could cause this, thyroid disorder being one of them.

Dry Skin

The wintertime can be a tough time on your skin, but having a thyroid disorder is a constant sabotage on your soft skin, winter or not. Having thyroid issues can result in cracking skin and brittle nails.


People with hypothyroidism sometimes complain of constipation. This might seem unrelated, but the disruption in hormone production has likely caused a slowdown of digestive processes.

Poor Concentration

Thyroid affects your brain activities. Foggy brain means zero concentration to your tasks. Test yourself with basic brain games if you’re feeling your brain slow down inexplicably, and always take these issues to your doctor, as they could be more dangerous than merely thyroid issues.

Sore Throat

One symptom that does make sense is sensitivity in the neck; because the thyroid is at the base of the neck, common signs of this disorder are neck swelling, snoring, or hoarse voice.

Thinning Hair

Thinning or severe falling of hair is a sign of underactive thyroid. It throws off your hair growth cycle and scalp gets dry with time.

Do any of these symptoms apply to you? Odds are, they could be unrelated to the thyroid disorder. But, you are highly recommended to visit a doctor if you can relate yourself to these symptoms. Beware. You could be next.


Nazish Islam - a media graduate with an undying love for chai, books, traveling, series shows, sports, hijab, and of course writing.

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Thyroid: You could be next

Are you trying to lose weight for months but got no success and hard to find a solution too. Check yourself up with thyroid symptoms. You probably have heard a lot about Thyroid in medical discussi...