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What we have learnt from Bangalore's mass molestation?

The horrifying incidents of mass molestation from Bangalore’s New Year's Eve are all over the media. The incident has left every other woman in shock that if they can experience it then possibly you too. So what precautions have you done?

The irony is, these cases are going on at the same pace and none is looking into seriously but trending #NotAllMen and yeah lecturing the victim instead molester. Evidently rape, assault, molestation, and character assault are all just a part and parcel of being a woman today in the world in general, and in India in particular.

Bangalore is currently reeling after the fiercely liberal, beer-guzzling city had a bunch of goons’ assault, molest, and grope groups of women in the middle of the city on New Year’s Eve. If that wasn’t enough, video footage of two men on a scooter violently assaulting a young woman walking home had the public fumbling for words.

The misogynist comments by Indian politicians on mass molestation are absurd considering the situation. Abu Azmi of Samajwadi Party said: "In these modern times, the more skin women show, the more they are considered fashionable. If my sister or daughter stays out beyond night celebrating December 31 with a man who isn't their husband or brother, that's not right."

Similarly, Karnataka’s Home Minister G Parameshwara caused the women’s dressing of their rapes, said: “They try to copy westerners not only in mindset but even the dressing, so some disturbance, some girls are harassed, these kinds of things do happen."

I doubt the Indian actors and artists, who are posting sympathetic tweets and videos to show how the rapist or molester should be treated but doing nothing to eradicate this evil culture from the roots. They are ones who infused this thing into the young minds. Hypocritical of some Bollywood stars to denounce this behavior when they themselves do not depict positive behavior towards women in films. How many times does the male protagonist fall madly in love with the girl only for the girl to say no thanks or not interested? The hero will then tease her every street and sings songs like 'Haseena maan jayegi' This gives a thought that when the girl says no she does not actually mean it and you just need to keep harassing her. The Indian films and stage shows contain a lot of violence and instigate sarcastic comments against women. Songs like main tera hero, gandi baat and others are equally misogynists in it, targeting a gender. Therefore, harassment and rape will definitely get encouragement in the society.

My conspiracy theory is that both the mass molestation and present case are deliberated. On New Year’s Eve, it was probably planned by cultural policing groups to instill fear and discourage women to mix and party with guys and to put blame on western lifestyle. In this incident, an attack on burqa wearing girl could either be done by a communal element or as a strategic move by supporters of western culture to show there is no relation between dress and abuse.

The perpetrators must be trapped and punished. Now, responsibility lies on women themselves to have precautionary measures in such in the prevailing society and its mindset. Considering the awful situation, The Central Industrial Security Force decided to allow women passengers to carry knives, lighters, matchboxes and other tools while traveling on Delhi Metro trains for self-protection.

Although we also have violent behavior against women, but its causes are pretty different, which will require a different approach. Pakistan's censor board and PEMRA should, therefore, advise the cinemas and the cable operators to screen such contents so that our society is not plagued with such an indecent behavior. Filmmakers should portray such things that have positive effects on the society.


Nazish Islam - a media graduate with an undying love for chai, books, traveling, series shows, sports, hijab, and of course writing.

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What we have learnt from Bangalore's mass molestation?

The horrifying incidents of mass molestation from Bangalore’s New Year's Eve are all over the media. The incident has left every other woman in shock that if they can experience it then...