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Waqar Zaka is doing

People mock him for several reasons, either they don’t like his personality or they take him as a drama but one thing you have to admit that Waqar Zaka has done something, no Pakistani ever has. I think it’s only Waqar Zaka that whatever he does, whatever he speaks; he gets attention, gets the limelight. But how? Maybe he has a humanitarian heart; he has a sense of benevolence to feel a pain of the ones who are oppressed. And now, following footsteps of himself, he is in Syria to celebrate New Year eve in style. Ever witnessed that unique New Year celebration? Obviously not!

Waqar Zaka is the first Pakistani to enter Aleppo after the civil war. Aleppo, the city of Syria, who lost faith in humanity and rest of the world, is silent. In Syria, Millions have become down-and-out, millions have been killed, and whole cities have been destroyed in Syria. They have nothing to live there.

In this excruciating situation, Waqar Zaka is actually doing living on the edge in Syria. He is with those children who have lost their fathers, with those women who have lost their husbands, with the ones who have lost every member of their family but smiling there and giving a message to the world that what’s next?

When the entire world was busy partying in their comfort zones on New Year's Eve, Waqar Zaka celebrated it by helping Syrian kids in Aleppo. He said he also had had plans to celebrate New Year at Dubai but he received a call from his agent that roads are open to travel to Aleppo so he changed his mind made a plan to spend this New Year at Syria. He is running social media campaign and within just 2 days he raised around 10,000 US dollars and a large number of clothes.

After a ton of battle at the airplane terminal and flight fumble, at long last, he achieved Aleppo. Presently, he has been posting recordings and photos of his exercises via web-based networking media. When he achieved Aleppo he met a Doctor who was destitute because of the progressing war in Syria. Waqar Zaka says in one of his posts that he feels honored that Pakistan dislikes Syria.

This isn’t his latest gimmick. Apart from the entertainment and showbiz, he has the legacy filled with such actions. Earlier, he reached to Rohingya Muslims, victims of the state-funded mass massacre, to help them out and spread their voice to the world. He was there when no media person had the courage to do the same. So either Burma or Syria, Waqar floored everyone who used to criticize him hiding under screens. He still better than those making comments on the internet.

He is posting pictures, uploading videos to spread the voice of Syrians to the world, Pakistan in precise. As he himself said on his Facebook status, “This was better any party I had on New Years. I did my job now it’s your turn.” He wore Pakistani shirt to let them know Syrians that Pakistanis are there to support them. “I will continue to wear Pakistani shirt in the countries”, he added.

We are just talking about Aleppo while he's actually there to help them. He is there, not just recording the tyranny but helping the war victims. At least, he’s better than all of us.


Nazish Islam - a media graduate with an undying love for chai, books, traveling, series shows, sports, hijab, and of course writing.

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Waqar Zaka is doing

People mock him for several reasons, either they don’t like his personality or they take him as a drama but one thing you have to admit that Waqar Zaka has done something, no Pakistani ever...