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Benazir Bhutto - Gone but not forgotten

“My three children have told me they are very worried about my safety. I do understand these fears. But they are Bhuttos and we have to face the future with courage, whatever it brings”.

You will not get surprised by the valor and gallantry of the personality behind these words if you have ever heard the name Benazir. Benazir – the matchless, one-of-a-kind and perfect.

She was 35 years of age when she was elected as Prime Minister in 1988; lovely and triumphant in Pakistan's colors, young and bold as I saw in old footages of PTV. There were no private news channels in those days. In a green and white silk shalwar kameez, her sharp pink lipstick, head bowed so it tossed her angular nose in help, Benazir Bhutto was taking the oath to the Ghulam Ishaq, standing next to her.

That picture had intense classic esteem: Not on the grounds that she was the first lady prime minister of a Muslim country, however, more imperatively, as the little girl of the leader who had been executed by the court and foundation, the first light of hope after a long autocracy. She also gave birth to her first child, Bilawal, the same year; now a successor to the Bhuttos.

The moment could be called fate, a mischance of history or a consequence of the oddity of Pakistani politics; however, Benazir Bhutto was more than a power made out of apparent situations. To comprehend her effect, now, almost ten years after she was assassinated, the person can't be alienated from the political.

Remembering one of the world's most outstanding women, Benazir Bhutto matter how harsh the circumstances were, she always stood high and fought with such fervor and passion. Someone has rightly said it that courage and elegance in the face of hardship are the hallmarks of an enormous leader.

She loved breaking the stereotypes, either as a daughter or a mother. Being a mother, she took care of her youngsters in the capability of a father too, as her spouse was in jail for corruption charges and she was petitioning all through this period for her children and husband and this seemed to be the most troublesome time of her life.

She resisted the urge to panic, cool and was quiet and was cheerful and confident. This shows her strong and finest character of a human, caring mother and above all a leader. She was a leader - leader to the under-privileged, an icon of resemblance to the lovers of Bhutto and a symbol of feminism to the Muslim women across the world.

Benazir is hailed over the world, particularly in the west, as a courageous leader who battled for democracy. Her inflexible attitude against stereotyping, bad health and female enslavement won her many admirers over the globe. Her strategic plans to crush militants might be won her many applause from fans and critics alike. I was too young to understand politics but she was loved.

I wish we could learn the style of giving tribute to such graceful leader, but unfortunately, we burnt 2800 vehicles and ATMs, killed dozens of people in the name of protest in Sindh. The irony is, her own garden, Pakistan peoples’ Party, remained in power for five years just after her death but couldn’t find her murderers. I counted on fingertips; it's been nine years since she’s gone, nine years and no clue to the people who knifed her. Such out of the ordinary lady and what have we done to her after her death?

In remembrance: a leader larger than life, a woman with commendable guts and unmatched talent for efforts against tyranny, just like her name, Benazir!

Nazish Islam - a media graduate with an undying love for chai, books, traveling, series shows, sports, hijab, and of course writing.

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Benazir Bhutto - Gone but not forgotten

“My three children have told me they are very worried about my safety. I do understand these fears. But they are Bhuttos and we have to face the future with courage, whatever it brings”. ...