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Dil Dil Pakistan's JJ is no more

I don’t remember the date, day and year, from when this Dil Dil Pakistan became part of our everyday life exclusively on 14th August or when someone asked to sing any song. From 1987 to 2016, this song never ceases to amaze its lovers and is never going to lose its popularity in future. But the terribly upset news is that the pioneer of this song, the iconic personality Junaid Jamshed aka JJ is not among us. He was one of the unfortunate passengers of Pakistan International Airlines PK 66 crashed near Abbottabad on Wednesday.

Since the breaking of this news, every Pakistani is in utter shock, many of us didn’t believe till the PIA chairman confirmed the deaths of all 47 passengers. This news has completely devastated every person’s childhood and teenage, the voice of 90’s JJ has been silenced and we will never find another JJ.

Junaid Jamshed with his vital signs remained a vital role in our childhood. We grew up singing DIL DIL Pakistan, cheered by feeling Aitbaar bhi aa hi jaega and moved on watching Ankhon Ko Ankhon Ne, even our cricket matches were believed incomplete without Hum hain Pakistani. Hence every possible moment he was electrifying our childhood and youth. His contribution in pioneering pop-singing is matchless.

The above illustrated Junaid Jamshed left all the glamor behind and dedicated his life for the love of Allah. He met a religious scholar Maulana Tariq Jameel and after a period of disguise, we observed an enormous transformation from guitar and jeans to Kurta and Topi. Later, we never saw a clean-shaven JJ singing on the floor but having a long black beard with trouser below the ankle, reciting naats and sermons. He set a major example of how a person should be. It was his peak of singing career when he began to search divine love and found this in sujud. After stepping in a religious journey, he never liked people him calling a singer. Besides this, He, himself, was an owner of one the leading clothing brand named J. He was truly a gem in every ring of life, excelled whatever he did.

Yes, like every good person, he too sparked with controversies regarding some of his comments when turned a religious personality and was not accepted by some sections of society. He was declared a blasphemer and resultantly, he was assaulted by some charged men on Islamabad airport but he, being, a great human, forgave all.

I’m extremely gutted to know that we have lost such a legend in this tragic event and that too when he was traveling for the purpose of Tableegh. Life is all about the legacy you leave behind. Junaid has left all of us depressed today, doubtless, even those who didn’t like the later part of his life and that was his success. JJ’s memories are to be cherished. So many beautiful memories of my growing young are filled with his voice, songs, naats or sermons. The loss of people like him is a loss to the nation and can never be compensated.

This is what life is, too short and unpredictable at every point you breath. Yesterday, he was praying for the departed souls and now here we are praying for him and other martyrs. Junaid was one of the few people on earth who was sharing peace and good manners. We have so many religious people but very little polite people, he was one of them. So, Instead of hating each other, let’s spread love and be thankful to Allah for everything.

But we can’t stay relaxed calling every incident a will of God. This is a serious question mark over the performance of airline and authorities who manage flight operations. I wish we had better landing system and updated aircrafts with better maintenance system.  The rest is up to fate.

Nazish Islam - a media graduate with an undying love for chai, books, traveling, series shows, sports, hijab, and of course writing.

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Dil Dil Pakistan's JJ is no more

I don’t remember the date, day and year, from when this Dil Dil Pakistan became part of our everyday life exclusively on 14th August or when someone asked to sing any song. From 1987 to 2016, th...