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Dr. Rafiq Tareen’s Journey of Skin Enhancement

Skin Enhancement - Medical and Aesthetic Clinic is the only dermatology clinic in Pakistan that uses FDA approved methods of skin treatments. Being run under the qualified and experienced, Dr. Rafiq Tareen Pathan, Skin Enhancement has successfully completed its 8 years.

Similar to all the other exceptionally talented people, Dr. Rafiq’s success journey is also filled with coincidences of fate. As a kid he always wanted to join the Army but even passing all the physical requirements of military, he failed in the psychological examination, having being declared to have an IQ level higher than what is required for an army person. This was one of the encountering incidents for Dr. Rafiq that conveyed him that he is meant to serve humanity in the field of medicine. He firmly believes that he proposed and God disposed for good! Later, after graduating from Liaquat Medical College, Dr. Rafiq was keen to become a cardiologist. However, fate again took a U-turn and he ended up being a dermatologist instead of a cardiologist.

When Dr. Rafiq was practicing in Dow Medical College, he was being sent to the cosmetology department instead of cardiology due to lack of vacancies. It was the inspiring role played by the professors at the dermatology department, which mentored Dr. Rafiq for what a successful dermatologist he is today. Due to this inspiration, he became no longer interested in cardiology even when it was finally offered to him. Today, Dr. Rafiq is proud of his decision and this is what makes him an expert in all the dermatological procedures practiced in the world. He is successfully serving the people of Pakistan and has a well-settled family too.

He did his Masters from the University of Glasgow in England with flying colors. His exceptional academic performance made him the first ever 3rd student earning the Master’s degree when just 2 seats are available as a rule. Having earned global certifications for dermatological laser technology and procedures, Dr. Rafiq criticizes the ill dermatological practices happening in the society today. In his opinion, incapable local salons are using Chinese lasers and inefficient dermatological means for their services. This is causing people more dermatological loss than gains. Unfortunately, these ill practices have also damaged the reputation of pure and genuine dermatology and dermatologists.

Dr. Rafiq takes pride in the fact that all his dermatological methods are FDA approved because he thinks that cure lies in the hands of God but this approval gives him the inner satisfaction that he is not causing any kind of trouble to his patients. In Pakistan, there is no check and balance in the field of dermatology at the Government’s end. Although Pakistan is full of talent in the field of medicine, particularly, dermatology, lack of laws and their implementation make people suffer. Media often gives coverage to dermatologists, which even do not have certified dermatological degrees. On the contrary, general perception regarding dermatology is changing day by day in a positive manner. This is also due to the amazing medical standard set by qualified and experienced medical professionals in Pakistan.

Dermatology is the only medical field that gives apparent cure results to people. Having known this, Dr. Rafiq is glad that people today are taking interest in dermatology. He notices that patients coming to him are concerned about their dermatological problems and they have chosen him to solve them. People today want to look good and get rid of their skin problems. It’s a good sign because it promotes the healthy lifestyle. Starting with the official fees of just Rs. 1000/-, Dr. Rafiq believes in honesty and effective management when it comes to being successful in serving people. Hence, all these things signify that scope of dermatology is bright in Pakistan.

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Dr. Rafiq Tareen’s Journey of Skin Enhancement

Skin Enhancement - Medical and Aesthetic Clinic is the only dermatology clinic in Pakistan that uses FDA approved methods of skin treatments. Being run under the qualified and experienced, Dr. Rafiq T...