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Duaago- The Art of Giving

Duaago is a Counseling Center for Mental Health & Personality Grooming, under the consultancy of psychiatrist and psychotherapist, Dr. Sabir Hussain Khan. With the focused aim to educate common people in Pakistan regarding psychologically healthy lifestyle, Dr. Sabir is passionately devoted to making people get rid of their psychological disorders. Duaago works on the principle of providing people with primary prevention when it comes to psychology rather than tertiary prevention. However, even common people need to have an understanding of psychology and mind working in order to apply primary psychological prevention to their own personalities.

Duaago has entered the 16th year of services due to untiring efforts of Dr. Sabir. He was a born psychologist because his journey is filled with catharsis and meditation. He has lived essential experiences of life in a way, which made him realize the power of psychology. He believes that all the psychological philosophies can be very effectively implemented practically. Having earned M.B.B.S degree from the Sindh Medical College, Karachi, Dr. Sabir has immense contributions in the field of psychology.

Being born with a different personality, as well as, a polio disorder, Dr. Sabir proved that how being different is being too amazing. Despite having regrets of not playing cricket like other kids due to polio infected leg, Dr. Sabir viewed life as a chance to serve others. Since the age of ten, he started a young squad service along with his friends to punish and teach mischievous students a lesson for improvement. Having such creative mind to improve people around him at such an immature age, Dr. Sabir started another welfare movement/institution at the age of 17 with his friends to help the needy people of Hyderabad, named as “Kos-e-Kaza”. All these efforts didn’t make him contribute any less to his medical education and so he secured 3rd position in Intermediate.

Belonging to a medical family and having a Doctor father had obviously inspired the young Sabir to become a medical professional but with time, he also realized his passion for welfare and literature. Taking the keen interest in the publishing activities of SMC, Dr. Sabir edited college magazines and wrote ample of poems. During his third year, he doubted whether he has chosen the wrong field of study. However, he got the answer to his queries when he became familiar with psychiatry. The subject readily interested him as for him; it became a means to make people learn better ways to live their lives.

“Therapist of a Therapist”. This was the title given to Dr. Sabir by his most experienced and qualified professor during his studies. His exceptional learning and interactive skills to know people made his seniors look upon him with admiration and respect. He rendered his quality psychiatric skills when he joined The Karachi Psychiatric Hospital. After treating patients and working under the hospital management, Dr. Sabir soon realized that he cannot be the kind of psychiatric, commercial institutions want. He never believed in the idea of prescribing 2 tablets to every patient! Thus, he left to continue with his wish to have his own private clinic.

Initially, the journey to start with a new private clinic was never easy as there were both financial and personal obstacles. Nevertheless, Dr. Sabir seemed determined to help people have better psychological assistance. All this effort paid well to him as today, though his clinic has a formal specific fee for patients, he allows people pay for his psychiatric services the way they want. All this charity and services for humanity have made Dr. Sabir earned a funny title of being “Loser” in the materialistic sense from his own daughter! But he seeks satisfaction and pride in his work and family.

When it comes to treating psychological patients, Dr. Sabir and Duaago has their unique method of medications. As a patient, you may find his prescription not just based on a couple of psychic medicines but movies and books as well! Being a learned Doctor, he knows that it is not just the medicines, which are going to treat a psychological patient but his lifestyle and routine changes. Unlike other commercial psychiatrists, he works with anti-hospitalization and anti-electroconvulsive treatments.

Dr. Sabir’s contributions for psychology do not just end with Duaago and patients. Being a writer and literature lover, he has written and published immense literature regarding psychology in Pakistan. Unfortunately, his creative books are not available commonly due to lack of publication houses and their support. However, he feels that print and electronic mediums play a very important role in guiding general public regarding psychology and how it can improve their lives.

In a country like Pakistan, psychology as a knowledge and value stands very little, almost nowhere. People deem psychological issues as madness because there are no familial and social norms to support it. People do not have the idea that how significant psychology is, as it explains you the working of your mind. It does not just help you stay healthy but can actually make you become a better person. After individual, the government’s role is also not up to the standard and so is the role of private sectors. Dr. Sabir highlights that people are ready to send him on commercial trips but are not willing to invest in his publications.

Almost 50% of the population is suffering from some kind of psychological disorder; on the contrary, there are not enough psychologists to treat this population. Every psychological issue is not depression and different aspects of life, be it economics, marriage or emotional disability, leads to distinctive psychological problems. Psychology is about dynamism. Through one single mysterious object, which is mind, profound psychological analysis can be interpreted and this is what accommodates in the treatment through character analysis of every individual. Keeping in mind these facts, Dr. Sabir has a dream of building an institution under the banner of Duaago that can help people groom and evolve through psychological means without any commercial gains.

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Duaago- The Art of Giving

Duaago is a Counseling Center for Mental Health & Personality Grooming, under the consultancy of psychiatrist and psychotherapist, Dr. Sabir Hussain Khan. With the focused aim to educate common pe...