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Irshad Homeo Clinic Success Story

Irshad Homeo Clinic was founded by Professor Syed Irshad Ahsan Jazbi in 1970, who was later accompanied by his son Dr. Syed Shabbir Irshad Jazbi in the profession of homeopathy. Following the values in the footsteps of his father, today Dr. Shabbir Irshad successfully runs this renowned homeopathy clinic in Karachi. His father was a very learned man belonging to a literary family. He started off with the homeopathic medicines from a very meager town of Shah Faisal in Karachi. When he started, he only had a piece of land with few chairs and tables. Nevertheless, his hard work and knowledge transformed his homeopathy craft into a renowned triple story homeopathy clinic of Karachi, which specializes in curing chronic diseases and infertility.

Similar to the perceptions of his father, Dr. Shabbir Irshad believes that curing is an art rather than a vocation. His homeopathy art is something he uses in helping people of his country and spreading goodness. Monetary means of homeopathy business was never really a priority for him but helping people in need have always been the top most priority. Dr. Shabbir believes that poor health conditions lead to too many social problems in the society. Thus, he has been treating chronic diseases since years with his traditional and modern knowledge.

Being graduated from Karachi and acquired MD degree from Sri Lanka, Dr. Shabbir Irshad has also specialized in an Online Infertility Course from Canadian University. He has been treating infertility and various other chronic diseases, such as, cancer, mental disorders, diabetes, etc. One of the unique qualities that make Irshad Homeo Clinic exceptional is the art of homeopathy, which is been elevated by Dr. Shabbir after his father. He learned all the homeopathic knowledge from his father but later when he joined the field, he combined the traditional homeopathy with modernized ideas of medicine and health. He has been a Sub-Editor of PMA Magazine and has also been associated with Radio Pakistan.

Dr. Shabbir believes that there is an obvious difference in checking human pulse by a lay man and a homeopathic expert. This is the sole reason he has separated his General Clinic with his Executive Clinic. His practical homeopathic applications reflect his concept of lightening a lamp to create light for others around him too. Likewise, he believes that future of homeopathy is bright in Pakistan. There have been elite patients belonging to different walks of life, who come unsatisfied with their reports from renowned hospitals, expressing their wish to be treated by Dr. Irshad’s Infertility Clinic because they care about their body more than the abundance of resources.

Watching his father always occupied with patients and work, young Irshad is not so fond of this profession now but Dr. Shabbir is positive that he will develop the same intense passion for homeopathy with time as his father developed years ago. Dr. Shabbir believes that allopathic health business is a victim of overconfidence, which is proved by technology and media in today’s world through creating awareness amongst common people.

In order to promote health knowledge of homeopathy, Dr. Shabbir thinks that government should give this field good preference. Medicine mafia in Pakistan should be controlled so that instead of importing expensive medicines, we can build local pharmaceutical setups. Young and educated people should join homeopathy profession and separate homeopathy departments shall be established in all state of the art hospitals. All these efforts will result in change of mentalities and perceptions regarding medical health in Pakistan.

Afreen is a young writer and visionary towards life predominantly. I believe that writing is similar to life; it inspires surprises and creates. Being a Literature Masters, I am passionate about viewing the world with literary spectacle. Solely in love with this beautiful part of Universe called Pakistan, I am creating words and ideas for CharchaGuru.

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Asif Rasheed at 02 Apr 16 16:19:55

I know Dr. Shabbir Irshad since 3 decades. As a child, I was a patient of his father Dr. Syed Irshad Ahsan who was expert in his work. Dr. Shabbir started his work under his father's supervision and learned all the knowledge, skills and expertise from him

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Irshad Homeo Clinic Success Story

Irshad Homeo Clinic was founded by Professor Syed Irshad Ahsan Jazbi in 1970, who was later accompanied by his son Dr. Syed Shabbir Irshad Jazbi in the profession of homeopathy. Following the values i...