About CharchaGuru

Welcoming CharchaGuru!

Phonebook Online is a part of Jang Group of Companies, which is the biggest media house in Pakistan. More commonly known as Phonebook.com.pk, this online search engine has all the registered businesses of Pakistan, which are just a keyword away from your reach. CharchaGuru is an online blog introduced under Phonebook’s banner with an aim to make a socially inspirational forum for people.

Having its key focus on the biggest cities of Pakistan, Karachi, Lahore and Islamabad CharchaGuru shall be talking about everything that is a part of the cities’ life and life around it. Being the largest metropolitan cities, with so much happening around, you need to socialize in all aspects of your life. This blog will aim to unlock various stories that may inspire you to express and stay motivated.

CharchaGuru will also update you about business forums and opportunities for you to grow in terms of business options in your city. Whether it is about your search for latest gadgets or mega sale in the cities, CharchaGuru will keep you informed and inspired by socializing. Talks about latest events and happenings will make you chant Charcha On Hai Guru!

Whether it is news related to latest fashion lifestyle, any event occurring in the city or the latest happenings, CharchaGuru will update you on everything. Now you can grab all the knowledge bits on health, fitness, food, restaurants and businesses’ updates by simply socializing at the CharchaGuru neighborhood. It helps you connect and narrow the differences through inspirational ideas.